Get the write Words
to the Right People

Running a small business is overwhelming and with so many things coming at you day by day you may not be thinking about marketing your business.

You’re busy getting referrals and clients keep calling. Why would you invest in something like online marketing much less content writing when that investment isn’t going to get you more business? Who needs marketing right?

Why Is Content Creation Important?

Educate Your Clients

You don’t have to feel the frustration that comes with clients who don’t understand your work.

Save Yourself Time

Spend less time negotiating over work and more time getting the work done your clients want.

Earn You More Money

Use blogging as a way to get more clients when the referrals dry up.

Start Fresh

If you are new to the world of blogging, our step-by-step guide will show you how to create a blog quickly and efficiently while you learn new skills.

After completing this guide you will have a post that is ready to share with your ideal clients and show them why they should work with your contracting business.

We’ll be available for regular support calls for each and every step to make it all perfectly clear.

Clean Up A Mess

We call it clean up a mess because you may have tried to blog and it just didn’t work out or it got left and now it’s a mess. We clean up messes just like construction company’s do after renovations.

If you have already been blogging and haven’t seen the results you want from it then we can help. We will come in and provide a comprehensive no cost audit of your site and then give a game plan for going forward.

Keep Going

Perhaps you have setup a website and started blogging and you need some ideas on how to continue. We have over 10 years of blogging experience and can help you look at ways to generate ideas and keep your writing going. Content Marketing and Blogging Strategy are a key part of online marketing initiatives that help generate leads and new customers.

With blogging you are not just advertising but rather showcasing past work has been done with past clients. These blog posts can act as testimonials that speak to the work that you do and how well you do it.

Did You Know?

Your current and potential clients – even if they are a referral – currently perform more than 1.6 million online searches for services EVERY MONTH!

Get The Words You Need

We can help you develop the messaging to get your client’s attention and get you more work.

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